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History and Company Profile


Established on 21st November 2000, Marine Gold Products (MRG) envisioned

itself to be a leading exporter of shrimp products worldwide. And today,

ranking third in the country’s shrimp export chart,

we certainly have achieved that goal.

     MRG is a 100% Thai ownership company with 210 million Baht registered

capital (approx.7 million USD) as of 2011, a significant jump from 5 million Baht

(approx.166,666 USD) in 2000. The production plant is well equipped with state

of the art technology to enhance consistency and quality of our products. 

MRG could produce upto 4 container loads or approximating 60 metric tons

of finished products per day.

     With the company philosophy to always “Be Better”, we never stop thinking of how to improve ourselves: our products, our process and our people. Since the first day of operation we have grown from 600 workers to 3,100 today on our production floor producing wholesome shrimp and other seafood for our valued customers. Our shrimp have spanned the globe presenting itself on dinner tables of numerous homes in USA, Canada, UK, EU, and Asia.   In 2010, we exported over 1,500 full container loads worldwide pushing the sales to 5,500 million Baht (approx. 184 million USD). This charted a growth of 9% from 2009 maintaining our 6% market share of Thailand’s shrimp export market.

Company Milestone

As our philosophy to always" Be Better", we increase production capacitity and stand Thailand's Top 5 largest frozen shrimp exporters.

Made a quantum jump in sales turnover to approx. 500%






Established on 21st Nov 2000, Marine Gold Products (MRG) entered into U.S. market.

Build and move to new factory 2000 workers.  Expand the premium products to new oversea market and lead to top 3 of Thailand.

Our company has readiness with the high technology, production system with the quality dedication and over 3,100 workers to produce the premium products to our valued customer.

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