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We are proud to introduce our industry leading management team. Our leaders bring decades of diverse experience and a history of success. Combining business acumen with extraordinary vision, these executives guide our employees to create innovative products and processes that give customers the confidence in us.


Lamoon Luesukprasert

(President of Ruxchai Group)

"When you work, be persistent. If you think you can't do it anymore, try again ...and again...and again."


Choopong Luesukprasert

(Managing Director)

"We won't be following trends...we make them. In the future, MRG will export all kinds of seafood. Basically, you name it... we have it!"


Alisa Phurkwattanagul

(Director of Quality System)

"Quality is never an accident, it represents a dedicated effort and good intention. At MRG, we put quality at top priority. We believe the race for quality has no finish line. If you stand still, it means you are getting further behind by the minute. That is why we keep looking for things to improve at every area of work. And we have fun doing just that!"


Siriwan Luesukprasert

(Director of Office Management)

"We've been through rough times in the beginning but that made us strong. We appreciate every experience we go through because it made us what we are today. Our financial history is our pride. It is exciting to see the bottom line grow. I am more than willing to devote all my energy into making it happen. I want to be a star in the company, for the company!"


Sinchai Luesukprasert

(Director of Operation)

"Our factory is like a big kitchen for us. We are proud to cook better food for families around the world. I never stop making my production line a world class kitchen. Every day I find that something could be done better and that's our philosophy 'Be Better' "


Pattsa Khunadaecha

(Human Resource Manager)

"I believe that human resource management and development is important for the progress of a company. As for MRG, the top management gives a full support on developing the field of HR. I want to say that beside the responsibilities of "putting the right man to the right job at the right time". The HR department also carries the task of developing and training our employees to have a better quality of life."

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