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    We are proud to present you super fresh  healthy  shrimps! Caught with care from  quality  farms  in  Thailand,  the shrimps are brought directly to our factory.These shrimps are then selected and sized thoroughly by our highly trained professionals, after which they are sent through a series of strict inspection and process to ensure superior quality. Our shrimp will add extra refinement to your dish.

We are proud to present you super fresh healthy shrimps! Caught with care from quality farms in Thailand


Raw Shrimp

IMG_9527 copy.jpg

The Super fresh shrimp are selected, cooked with quick process to retain moisture firm and tasty

Cooked Shrimp


As the freshness of seafood quality and juicy of taste, we aim  to find the good source of raw material and create special recipe to serve  our valued customer for the special dish.

Value Added & Other Seafood

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