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Marine Gold Products Ltd.

"The best global food partner for better life"


Better Products

    “Proud is not the only word we can describe. We climbed up from a small processing plant to a really nice and big one. That comes from a lot of hard work dedication. The most important thing, I think is, we have to believe what we are producing. We are food processing company. Every day, being able to bring home some products that you produce, for your kids to eat.”


Choopong Luesukprasert

Managing Director

Better Process

    “There are 2 main things that we do.  One is to always look around. We tried to look for those people that are not the biggest but they have real potential and they are really good at it.

We have company philosophy “be better”. When we go in there and see something, we always feel like this could be better.

We work with people a lot and now we start to see ideas coming up from the plant floors.”


Sinchai Luesukprasert

Director of Operation


Better People

    Since our inception, our company’s focus has been on our skill’s workforce. We truly believe that happy and motivated staffs, is the best way to sustain our high standard. To support this we distinguish our appreciation to our people. The “be better award”, for instance, is given monthly to the innovation with the most remarkable impact. The winner receives 1,000 USD in a nominated for the annual “I made it happen award”. Where they do stage presentation and exhibit their inspirational project. 
    Even the most efficiency machine can be copied, but our people and culture are unique. We are so proud of our team and how we have grown.

Pregnant staffs are relocated to a special area where they do easy and less demanding jobs and from a wet working environment.

Can Do

Marine Gold Products

We have the know how you need

Activities from our Production Team
to create awareness of the COVID-19 virus protection.


Music VDO

Thankful from our heart

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Squid and vegetables like fresh ingredient

Mixed with original spicy korean sauce get the perfect intense flavor.

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