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Food Safety Policy

      We are committed to produce safe and wholesome food for our customers. Food safety is the fundamental of quality at MRG and we believe in quality without compromise. Our products are produced in accordance with customer’s requirement and his country’s law and regulations, as well as, the law and regulations of Thailand. We assure our customers that all the production steps, from raw material sourcing to storage and delivery will be controlled and monitored in compliance with all food safety standards.

      We are regularly audited and certified by third party certification body against international food safety standards, namely, GMP, HACCP, BRC, IFS, and ISO22000. We regularly conduct Mock recall for all our product groups to challenge the effectiveness of our Total Traceability System, which trace our products from farm to fork.  We do not use genetically modified organism (GMO) raw materials and ingredients. We will request written assurances from our suppliers on the products they supply to us.


Labor Policy

With our work philosophy of “Be Better”, we aim to continuously improve in all areas, which are Products, Process and most importantly People. We put great emphasis on our Human Resource Development and we have a very strong positive labor relation. We have been awarded Thai Labor Standard, TLS.8001-2003 Certificate with highest level achievement from the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare, Ministry of Labor, since 2004. All our workers, Thai or Foreign, each have a legal identification card issued by government authority. All our workers are voluntary and free willed people. We treat and take care of our workers equally regardless of their nationalities.

    We encourage our workers to set up their own “Welfare Committee” to act as representative of the workforce to share their thinking and information about worker’s rights. We encourage our workers to write to us by using the “Suggestion Box”. They can write suggestion of improving their work flow, productivity, safety or working condition. Each suggestion will be rewarded with a small prize as a token of their valued contribution. We believe that people are the heart of our organization, without them we will not survive. Most importantly, we strongly believe that happy people make better products. We might not be the largest shrimp processor but we aim to be the happiest one.

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