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Quality System

Receiving Material

Shrimps are harvested and delivered to MRG in ice slush via insulated trucks. The container seal is broken at the factory for initial inspections of the shrimps.

Once quality has been confirmed and recorded, shrimps are transfered into washer tanks to be cleaned and foreign materials are eliminated simultaneously.

Shrimp are then pass through a dewatering system and weighed by digital scale.

After weighing the shrimps are transfered to graders or the de-headers in the next process.

Cooking Process

After treatment, shrimps are passed through warm water.This is to ensure that the core temperature is adjusted and homoginized, ready for cooker. Curl control is applied as required.

Superior temperature and pressure controlled steam cooking system cooks shrimp under forced convection process. This ensures that our shrimps do not get over-cooked on the outside and improves texture. Cooked shrimps are immediately chilled rapidly brings the shrimps to the required temperature for the freezing process.


  • MRG uses liquid nitrogen for the quickest possible “IQF” Instant freezing together with vibrating belt on multiflight conveyor makes sure that all shrimps come out perfectly “Individual”

  • ​Shrimps are weighed before the glazing process to ensure the most accurae result. The glaze is applied and rechecked to confirm the percentage.

  • ​Shrimps are now ready to go into their package which will go through a metal detector.

Base Preparation

Weighed Shrimps are fed automatically to each conveyer. Heads removed manually and headless shrimps are washed again before grading.

Shrimp back is cut along the center from first to the sixth segment.

Shrimp is peeled from to the fifth segment, then the vein is removing by cutting  the back from second to fifth segment.

Shell removed completely including the tail then deveined using the same process as that of PTO.

Veins are removed using a pin to minimise any damage to the back of the shrimp.


5,000L mixing tanks are connected to a 10,000L storage tank ready to supply in to the production process.

Temperature is kept strictly low & constant to ensure supreme condition of raw material during treatment.

Controlled volume of shrimp is fed into treatment tank where solutionis added using computer controlled system that also regulates the agitation time.


Strictly  inspected  finished  products are  transfer to the  monitor  and  control containers we approach to  exportation system. Above all  reliable transport is significant.

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