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Value Added & Other Seafood

As the best partner in global food business, we created opportunities and assurance with commitment to delicious innovation and consistency quality and service from our team of happy people​.

We are proud to present a wide variety of seafood products that have unique taste and innovation to meet the diverse and health-conscious needs of consumers. Although, these items are well thought out, it can also be adapted or developed to the needs of each customer. In this case we may need some time depending on the destination regulation. We hope that these items will impress you, please enjoy.


Breaded Coconut Shrimp

Sizing: 16/20 pcs/lb, 21/25 pcs/lb

Easy, tasty and simply deep-fried prawn with taste of oriental food. Product made from fresh ocean prawn tossed with sweet and crispy coconut flake. It can be good snack for kids or canapes. ​

Imagine the flaky , crispy and little smoky sweet in you mouth. Yum !!!


Popcorn Shrimp Tail-on

Sizing: 16/20 pcs/lb, 21/25 pcs/lb

Classic deep fried prawn with open option of dipping. Product  tasty by it’s own . Everyone love  it.


You can dip it asian way with sweet plum sauce,  Thai sweet chilli sauce. Or go western with aioli, tartar, ranch.


Shrimp Nugget

Sizing: 30g/pcs

Best snack during Netflix. I love chewy yet crispy mouthfeel during watching movie . Nugget  is  Best choice . So I don’t craving too much salt & butter as popcorn

Nugget contain a good source of protein from fish and Shrimp

Can’t wait to get my BBQ sauce !!!


Breaded Shrimp

Panko crust butterfly prawn

Can go on top with fresh cooked rice with Tonkatsu sauce , Japanese curry or eat them alone as a snack


Great eye appeal can give a beautiful food to your party.



Globally famous snack at all time with a nice and crispy coating.

Ideally pair well with a good white wine


Marinated Shrimp Skewer

Sizing: 21/25, 26/30, 31/40 pcs/lb.

Jumbo size shrimp skewer and glazed with Marinated sauce such as Herb and Garlic, Lemon Butter, Creamy Lemon Sauce etc.

Easy cooking by grill or oven without thawing. Good source of protein and so much more yummy with special our selected marinated sauce. Now let’s make your party full fill with quality time.


Octopus with Signature
Spicy Korean Sauce

Sizing: 220 g/pack

Trendy Korean food that being loved by spicy eater. Nothing better than crunchy squid with  sweet soy chili base sauce.

plate_PNG5337 copy.jpg

Seafood Mix

Fresh cooked Mix seafood for every preference from top up  instant noodle, pizza topping, Asian stir-fry or bake goods.

We selected the freshest seafood from the sea then carefully branched to keep all the flavor to you!!

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