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Halloween Day

building internal employee’s mood, friendship and relationship by dressing  in halloween theme for challenging in Halloween Day

RCG Distributions of Survival Bag

Khun Lamoon Luesukprasert is concerned about employee’s healthy who have to travelling for working and spending for consuming therefore, preparing livelihood to employees for refrain from going outside in Covid-19 pandemics

Blood’s Donation 2021

To promote and support our employees to make valuable by  participating public event for rasing awareness in society and pride themselves in blood’s donation for other people

Making merit on Songkarn festival’s Event

Employees has participates in conserving Thai culture by organization’s activity and build relaxation & good image

Big Cleaning Day 2021

Our organization collaborates with the government and nearby establishments have organized events for employees.

In order to raise awareness and gain social and community responsibility.

Recycling straw to pillow Event

Our employees brought plastic straw to reusing once again for raising awareness of reducing and restrain plastics that effect to environment and reuse to pillow for relieving aches/ pains from office syndrome

Valentine’s Day 2021

Our staffs can express theirs good vibes and love to our colleague, manager, director and organization

10 billion Market "20th MRG"

Songkarn Festival

Annual Seminar "Go to Krabi"

RCG Sport Club

MRG Cooking Battle


Annual seminar "Cambodia"

10 billion Market "Retro Party"

Mother's Day

MRG Against Drugs

VIP Football match

Happy news For Childen at Spacial Education

The nice relaxing garden for every

body in MRG

"MRG Games" To enhance a strong positive relation and unity.

THAIFEX- World of food ASIA 2016

“Loy Kra Tong Festival” The Thai culture inheritance

“Religious Ceremony” To arrange every 2 nd  Tuesday  of the month

“Sports Activity” Exemplify:yoga,badminton, relaxtion exercise, football etc

To pour water on the hand of revered elders and ask for blessing from our president of RC group.

Give the necessaries of life to employee.

“Annual Seminar” To relax and ready to build the proficient team.

Annual Fire Drill.

Helping mind.

Afforest the mangrove for sustainable.

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